Friends of Akitas UK

akitaAkitas, once the noble dog of Japan, now the status dogs of some of the less than noble population of the UK find themselves in increasing numbers abandoned and stray.

I have a friend called Jo who is part of the Friends of Akitas (UK) organisation. Friends of Akitas are here to help the dogs and right now they have nine akitas in pounds waiting on death row for YOU to bail them out and urgently find them rescue spaces or foster homes.

Another thirty four are on the website. Some of which Friends of Akitas are struggling to support as they are all volunteers and money is almost nonexistent.

These dogs are hardly ever the big tough guys that people think they are. Most are just big teddies that want a kind, understanding home.

Please get in touch with Jo and the other volunteers if you could offer an akita a good home or even foster one for a little while. See the website today.

South West Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre


South West Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre

Exeter Corn Exchange

Market Street, Exeter, EX1 1BU

Sunday 28 November 2010



I’m writing to give you a few more details about this year’s South West Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre, to be held once again at Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street in Exeter city centre on Sunday 28 November.

We’re really proud of the way that our Christmas Fayre has built up over the last three years and we think that we’ve once again put together a show that everybody who cares about animals, people and the environment will enjoy. So we hope you will join us, and bring friends and family along.

Christmas shopping that makes a difference

Unlike most High Street stores, our stallholders are almost all small traders who will be offering unique, unusual and attractive possibilities for Christmas presents.

Cruelty-free and eco-friendly products on sale will include fairtrade clothing, cosmetics, perfumes and make-up, crafts, pottery, charity Christmas cards, chocolates galore, preserves, vegan cakes, vegetarian shoes, treats for pets and jewellery.

Alongside our ethical companies will be many campaign groups fighting for a less violent future. Amongst these will be Animal Aid, of course, offering many of the most popular items from our brand new sales catalogue

Forty stands in all will offer you the chance to buy Christmas gifts and cards in the sure knowledge that your money will go to a worthy organisation or an ethical company.

Food, glorious food!

We hope you’ll want to stay for lunch … or at least for a snack! The delicious menu in our café includes savoury dishes, cakes and puddings. We’ve got everything from lasagne, nut roast, wraps and pizzas to lemon and pineapple tart and Chocolate and peanut torte – all free from animal products.

Last year we ran out of food early, so we’ve done everything we can to ensure that we don’t have the same problem again.

Another addition this year is a gluten-free food stall.

Free entry and a great prize draw

Not only do we not charge you to come in, but we’re also giving a free gift to the first few hundred visitors – all of whom will receive a Nak’d bar, full of raw food goodness.

We also hope that as many of you as possible will support our fabulous prize draw, offering the opportunity to win a two-day break at Michael House, the award-winning vegetarian guest house near Tintagel in Cornwall. And there are lots of other great prizes. Tickets are only £1 each.

World music choir

Finally, don’t miss a performance by the Crediton and Exeter University World Music Choir, at around midday. They’ve sung at our event every year and they really are a treat to hear.

So please do come along and join us on November 28th. It promises to be a great day out, and a chance to do all your cruelty-free Christmas shopping in one fell swoop!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions

With best wishes,

Mark Gold


P.S. We have a Facebook page for the Fayre. so if you are a member of Facebook, I’d be really grateful if you’d spread the word as best you can.

Uncaged – against animal experiments

Uncaged Campaigns, campaigning against vivisection

Thanks to Sharon Howe for recommending I check out the Uncaged website. Uncaged are a peaceful international animal protection organisation based in Sheffield, England. Their main campaigns are against animal experiments (vivisection); against xenotransplantation (animal to human transplants); the global boycott of Procter & Gamble; for animal rights and for democratic action on animal issues through the political system.

If you like me think the list below is simply not acceptable then STOP using products tested on animals and tell everyone you know about companies which test on animals including Procter & Gamble who produce well know household products like Ariel, Daz, Fairy, Max Factor, Olay, Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essences, and Head and Shoulders.  There is lots of info on the Uncaged website. See

Number of Experiments by Species (Great Britain, 2008)

Mice: 2,418,604
Rats: 355,370
Guinea Pigs: 29,293
Hamsters: 3,298
Gerbils: 1,092
Other Rodents: 866
Rabbits: 17,060
Cats: 360
Dogs: 6,105
Ferrets: 1,122
Other Carnivores: 1,264
Horses/Donkeys/Cross-Bred Equids: 89,365
Pigs: 6,824
Goats: 499
Sheep: 35,820
Cattle: 2,302
Deer: 63
Birds: 123,259
Reptiles: 109
Amphibians: 32,674
Fish: 605,155
Marmoset/Tamarin Monkeys: 368
Macaque Monkeys: 4,230
Other Mammals: 978
GM Animals: 1,335,560

What’s your party’s position on shooting?

I get lots of questionairres and election pledges sent through and try to answer as many as possible so people can learn a bit more about me, what I believe in, what I’d change etc. I filled in some questions from the British Association for Shooting & Conservation and I am now listed on the site as ANTI-SHOOTING/HUNTING ANIMALS.

I checked the site today……….and the other 4 candidates obviously have not bothered to fill this is as there are no responses from them. Are they pro shooting or anti shooting animals, who knows? Click here to see.

Office on the Terrace

Originally uploaded by Sharon Pavey

At last…..the sunshine is here, and I love it. I’ve set up a table on the terrace, with DIY umbrella/parasol (and parcel tape!) as a sunscreen so I can actually see the screen on my old laptop! I’d just finished setting up my al fresco office when Gabriella thought it looked like a nice spot for an afternoon snooze!

A Fine Cock-a-doodle do!

DSCN2401Hoping a like minded green (veggie) chicken keeper may be reading this and be able to give a home to one or both of my cockerels. My four year old son Aleck is pictured above holding one of them when they were quite young. We have a stunning pure maran male and a maran x light sussex cockerel.

A lifetime ambition was fulfilled last summer when I purchased what I thought were 5 lovely little lady chickens. Now 2 of the 5 have turned out to be male which is a bit of a problem for our family. Now the two cockerels have become unpredictable and I am unable to take my two young children into their run to feed and clean them etc.

BeyonceWe wanted five docile female chickens for family pets, for the children to enjoy, interact with and develop a relationship with, collecting eggs and looking after them. We did this for a few months until the cockerels started shooting up, plumage sprouting and crowing, feet stamping and occasionally hurling themseves at me (luckily not the kids). The three hens are all lovely by the way, very very friendly and chatty.

The lady we bought them from offered to take them back but explained they would just be killed to be eaten and as a vegetarian family – we cannot do that, even though whenever my Maran (above) stamps his feet at me – I try to explain to him that he should be grateful for mad women like me! He doesn’t ‘get it’ though does he!!!

So I’m looking for someone who might have a few chooks and could take on one or two more – without the ultimate plan of killing them.


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