Should we save the red squirrels?


Should we save the red squirrels? Now there’s a question for you!

We went to “Red Squirrel Day” on Thursday at Escot – just up the road here from Honiton. I had read a bit about the new squirrel project on the Escot site and watched the little video.

Red squirrels are Britain’s only native squirrel. They were once widespread across the UK, but over the last 50 years they have undergone a huge decline with their range now restricted to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England and small pockets of Wales and southern England.

Autumnwatch has laid out the key arguments for and against saving the red squirrels – click here.

As a vegetarian, I’m against killing animals which is what you need to do in order to preserve the red squirrel – kill many many grey squirrels. The grey squirrel is a stronger species. It eats more of a variety of food than the red, it is immune from the disease which kills the red and it breeds each year (the red won’t breed if it is not the right weight etc). It is very unfortunate that this situation has come about and yes, the reds are adorable but I like the greys too and they shouldn’t be killed. An ideal situation would be to vaccinate the reds against the disease the grey squirrels pass onto them but apparently this is at least 10 years off.

What do you think – add your comment.

Missing Cat in Honiton – can you help?

This handsome brown tabby cat or Garfield (his official name) is missing from Minifie Road, which is off Northcote Lane.  He has been missing since last week. Please pass this blog link onto anyone you know in Honiton who might have seen him. Call Honiton Cats Protection of you find him tel: 01404 45241


Feline Appeal

Pen + Tiggy019

How handsome is this boy? Tiggy is 2 years old loves people, is OK with dogs but does not like other cats and is looking for a home today. Contact Honiton Cats Protection if you can offer Tiggy a home.

SabaSaba is a gorgeous one year old girl also needing a loving home, call Honiton Cats Protection on 01404 45241 if you can take her in and give her a fabulous new life.

Stop Mattel destroying rainforests for toy packaging

Barbie, it's over. I don't date girls that are into deforestationHeard the news? Ken has dumped Barbie! He’s discovered that his long time lover is destroying Indonesia’s forests for those pretty pink boxes she likes to wrap herself in. You can’t blame Ken. As you can see in the , he’s just seen the results of the latest Greenpeace investigation which shows how Barbie is threatening the future of endangered species and the stability of our climate. The paper used in Barbie boxes – like palm oil which Greenpeace has campaigned about in the past – comes straight from the rainforests of Indonesia, home to rapidly vanishing creatures such as orang-utans, and Sumatran tigers (pictured below) and elephants.

Sumatran tiger (c) FotosearchOk, maybe it isn’t all Barbie’s fault. Mattel, the company behind the malevolent mannequin, is the one responsible and this new global investigation has uncovered the links between Mattel and our old friends, the notorious Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). Which is why activists dressed as Ken have scaled Mattel’s headquarters in Los Angeles, while back in the UK Greenpeace has helped spread the word about Ken’s announcement with a guerrilla advertising campaign launched in Piccadilly Circus and with adverts on bus stops and tube lines.

By analysing the fibres in Barbie packaging and digging into the commercial links between various companies, Greenpeace has been able to link the carbon-rich forests and peatlands of Indonesia with the packaging of toys on sale in shops around the world. The trail leads directly from Mattel to APP and its suppliers in a chain of destruction that spans the globe.

And it’s not just Mattel; catch up with how Greenpeace has exposed Hasbro, Disney and Lego for also using paper fibre from Indonesia’s rainforests here.

Food Inc. – post film discussion

Thank you to everyone who came to see the East Devon Green Party film screening of Food Inc. at the Broadclyst Victory Hall yesterday afternoon. We had a good turnout and lots of interesting comments afterwards. A positive reaction to the short film on local organic farming Henry commissioned which was shown beforehand.

Here’s a place to discuss the film itself, green party farming policies, the future of food production etc – please add your comments below and join in the discussion (whether you came to see the film or not).

Here’s a link to the Food Inc. website

The East Devon Green Party webpage

The Soil Association website

Honiton Greens Alert Parents to Dog Poop in Playpark!


Honiton Town and District Candidate Sharon Pavey was alarmed to find dog mess in her local children’s park this weekend. Out enjoying the sunshine with her husband and two children aged nine and five, Sharon came across several uncleared deposits on the new Littletown Village Green and then was shocked to find a pile of dog mess in the fabulous new Brand Lane Nature Trail park off Battishorne Way.

Sharon says“The wigwam park as my kids call it is their favourite local park so we were upset to see a careless owner has allowed their dog to come into the park and mess under the log climbing frame, then not clear it up”

Greens back Hugh’s Fish Fight at Sidmouth meeting

MEMBERS of East Devon Green Party have voted to support Hugh’s Fish Fight because it is in line with existing Green party policies.

At a meeting of the EDGP at Sidmouth on Saturday, January 15, Sharon Pavey, EDGP co-ordinator, members supported her suggestion they sign an on-line petition to support the Fish Fight.

Some half a million people have already signed the petition backing Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s campaign to get people to petition against the throwing back of nearly half the fish caught in the North Sea, to contact MPs asking for their support of a Fish Fight early day motion and to try eating lesser-known species of fish.

Mother of two Sharon, from Honiton, said: “Like many people, I watched Hugh’s Fish Fight on television and was appalled to see so many dead fish being thrown away as the quotas did not allow them to be landed.

“I was particularly struck by the images of so many sharks being tossed into a heap to die, the unfortunate victims of intensive tuna fishing.”

Henry Gent, a Green Party member from Broadclyst, said the party wanted radical reform of agricultural and fisheries policies.

He said: “I think many people are concerned about the way food production is going, on land and on sea.

“Family farms are driven out of business by competition from factory farms, and those who fish with sustainable methods cannot compete on price with more intensive harvesting and farming of fish.”

The East Devon Greens meet monthly in different towns in East Devon, and will be holding a coffee morning at Christ Church Hall, North Street, Exmouth, from 10am to noon on Saturday, February 19. Contact Sharon for more details.

China Bans Animal Circuses & Issues New Warning To Zoos About Abuse

The Chinese government issued a ban on animal circuses and certain types of animal abuse at zoos that went into effect on Tuesday. According to The Telegraph, the ban entails several different stipulations that zoos will need to comply with, and pertains to the 300 state-owned zoos that are part of the China Zoo Association. Firstly, the zoos will be forced to stop pulling the teeth of tiger cubs so that zoo visitors can hold them. Zoos will also have to put a halt to the selling of animal parts in their shops, and the zoo restaurants will have to refrain form serving dishes made using rare animals. On top of this, zoos will need to end the attractions in which live animals are sold to visitors and then thrown to the wild cats, allowing the visitors to watch the cats rip the defenseless animals to shreds. Finally, the zoos will also need to provide the animals with adequate housing, away from disturbance and irritation, reports

Read more here.

Have you got the purrfect home?

A friend of mine, Ruth has recently taken over running the East Devon Cats Protection and I offered to help her spread the word about cats and kittens here in East Devon needing homes. Ruth says they are particularly in need of homes for older cats and cats who really would like to be the only cat in a household.

Me and Robbie in Bristol in 2001 (he's 11 now and I'm a lot older!!)
Me and Robbie in Bristol in 2001 (he's 11 now and I'm a lot older!!)

If anyone adopts a cat over 12 years of age then Cats Protection will pay up to £250 per year towards any vets bills. At the moment Ruth has a third cat called Daisy living with her but her first cat is not very keen on the whole situation.

Daisy is a very pretty 6 year old cat needing a home preferable as the only cat where she will be adored and loved, can you give Daisy a home?
Daisy is a very pretty 6 year old cat needing a home preferably as the only cat where she will be adored and loved, can you give Daisy a home?

Daisy (above) is 6 years old and very loving and human oriented and they are looking looking for a home where she is the only cat.

Gabriella is my daughter Natasha's best friend, from East Devon Cats Protection in 2009
Gabriella is my daughter Natasha's best feline friend, she came from East Devon Cats Protection in 2009 after being found just one a day old with her two sisters and mum under a rabbit hutch in a back garden in Cullompton

All the cats needing homes are on the East Devon Cats Protection site here\homeless+cats\

Here are some of these captivating cats – all homeless and needing somewhere to live (as of Jan 2011), can you help, or do you know someone who needs a feline friend in their life?

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