Calling all Victoria Pendletons & Bradley Wiggins’es


Cycling meeting – open to everyone on Wed 12th Sept at Honiton Town Council office on New St (use side entrance on Chapel St). It’s an informal meeting starts 7.30pm. Tea & coffee provided. If you can’t get along to this meeting but have some ideas on how to develop cycling in Honiton – please post a comment here & I’ll take all the comments along to the meeting to share & discuss.

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  1. Ewar Woowar on Facebook says “I love bikes 🙂 Though age makes it hard for me to tackle multiple hills these days. Are their any plans for promoting bikes with electric motors ? Also safe places to lock them up and charge them while you are at work ?”

  2. I’ll take your comments to the meeting. In the meantime did you know there is a company selling electric bikes in Honiton? I’ve invited them to our meeting.
    As for bike parking – I’m currently mapping all the bike parking in town – please let me know if you have seen any bike stands. I’ve currently got these listed: swimming pool, leisure centre, doctors, train station, New St, Mackarness Hall, TIC and Tesco.

  3. Reference the last comment with regard to electric bikes there are actually TWO companies selling electric bikes in Honiton.
    We are one of them.
    King Street
    01404 47211

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