An Eco Friendly Christmas in Honiton

Letter I sent to the Midweek Herald today…..

Dear Sir/Madam

I was interested to read about the plans to stop spending £10,000 of council taxpayers’ money on lamp post decorations in Honiton this Christmas. Honiton Town Council and Honiton District Chamber of Commerce are instead to spend a lesser (undisclosed) amount on 100 Christmas trees which will be placed in flag holders above business premises and individually lit.

The East Devon Green Party requests that the chamber’s chairman Colin Wright should ensure that these trees are from sustainable suppliers who either boast a Forest Steward Council accreditation or are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association as both adhere to a strict sustainability pledge, where for every tree taken, another is planted and chemical use and impact on local wildlife are considered when the trees are being grown. We also hope that the trees will be recycled when expired or the retailers could consider using a living tree with roots perhaps at a lower level on their premises which can be used again every year.

We would also like to see Honiton retailers leading the way in ensuring that our town is doing it’s bit in the universal effort to lower our energy use by embracing the use of low energy light bulbs and solar powered lights. I’m sure many Honiton residents will agree that they would like to enjoy the festive lights knowing that they are as eco friendly as they can possibly be.

Sharon Pavey


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