A Green Celebration

45102_146953605326318_146949245326754_358568_5645200_nWe’re having a bit of a knees up on Saturday 4th June from 6pm at the Mackarness Hall in Honiton. It’s to say thank you to all our members, all our supporters and all of the people who voted Green at the recent local elections. We now have two Green parish councillors here in East Devon and we did very well in the district elections so we are feeling the need to celebrate!

We have five performers lined up  to entertain us. Honiton singer/songwriter Scott Phillips (pictured below) aka The Peaceful Hooligan (previously part of Sweet Black Angels) will be kicking us off from 6pm before he dashes off to another gig Then we have solo artists Randomlea, Ella flight and Maz Totterdell (pictured above) who are part of the Crediton Rising Artists group. And Keith & David, from the South Devon Greens are coming up to entertain us again. Thanks to all our performers for giving their time & talent to support our evening.

226253_211750672181662_130304513659612_677675_1177627_sWe’ve organised a bar, and will be selling local ales and wines. The food is bring & share – simply bring a dish or two for the buffet. This usually results in a magnificent spread. All the family are welcome, children too and we ask for a £2 donation on the door to help pay for everything and replenish our funds ready to fight the next election (Devon County Council) in two years time. Please let us know if you are planning on coming so we have an idea of numbers. Thanks.

Any queries – please contact me (Sharon) on 07740973990 or sdpavey@googlemail.com

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  1. hi Sharon

    Fresh from pomes on Dartmoor, would you like a few on Saturday? My latest is ‘Please Come Slow’ and am workin on ‘Puttin mi ead ta bed’. Could reiterate ‘Gov Gree’. etc etc

    How did a computer phobe like me ever manage to get on to this site?

    Lurve ya hon


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