‘Green Guru’ Satish Kumar is Guest Speaker at Recycling & Environmental Exhibition at Ottery Parish Church

This event takes place on Saturday September 24th 2011 from 10-4p.m and we will have a Green Party stall there.

This promises to be a very exciting event with inspiring talks as well as a variety of interesting stalls and stands. Satish Kumar, who will be a guest of Sustainable Ottery, will be speaking at 2 p.m. and taking questions. Satish was born in Rajasthan, India, in 1936.  His life is permeated with the theme of pilgrimage.  At the age of 9 he became a wandering Jain monk and spent many years in pilgrimage through his homeland.  In 1962 he set out on a peace pilgrimage of 8,000 miles from the grave of Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London and Washington.   He has studied Buddhism and Hindu philosophy.  He is the Editor of the ‘Resurgence’ magazine which is a multi faceted publication of poetry, politics, imagination, economics and creativity.  He has also published several books and is the Director of Programmes at Shumacher College.  He now lives in North Devon and his excellent profile of Dartmoor that was shown on BBC called ‘Earth Pilgrim’. Satish presented Dartmoor throughout the seasons showing, as he says “the beauty of nature, but also the economy, generosity and intentions of nature, and how we need to be pilgrims and learn from nature instead of trying to dictate to or dominate it to our whims. When you learn from nature you learn ecological humility, and gain a respect and reverence for nature”. Recently he was interviewed on the BBC programme “Town” when it featured Totnes and spoke on Radio 4. his is a rare opportunity to hear one of the World’s leading environmental thinkers and speakers live in our area. For more information on Satish and Resurgence visit http://www.resurgence.org/satish-kumar/

Sustainable Ottery’s Helen Collinson will also talk about her work for Christian Aid.

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